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Life Coaching 

Wellness investment:

60 minute session: $20 phone session /  $60 in person

What is your passion? What do you want to be when you grow up? What are your true dreams? We all have them and hiring Tamara as a coach is a great way to to manifest your dreams into a reality. Tamara has utilized the power of a life coach years before the Universe directed her to become a Life Coach herself. After battling addictions and coming to a place in her life that was unfamiliar to her, she used the help of a life coach to help determine what her dreams and goals were and to take baby steps to help her get there. Through her own personal experience and victory over bumps in the road she is living proof that Life Coaching works and her passion is to help you find the best in yourself too!



Wellness investment: 60 minute session $60

Do you live your optimal life? The transformation of a caterpillar to a butterfly is an amazing experience! At times there may be unknown blocks to achieving the beauty and passion that is inside, that was Tamara's experience. After overcoming a ton of challenges but unable to identify the root of some issues she used the powers of a hypnotherapist to identify the blocks and release them. Whether you would like deep relaxation and to release and transform Tamara offers her services guiding clients to unlock their strengths!

Life Coaching Adventures!

Wellness investment: priceless

Being outside in nature is truly amazing and soul pleasing! Plus enjoying time with friends and family is important for a healthy life! Whether it is camping, hiking, picnics, or walks around a garden there are a variety of places in Arizona to receive the benefits of coaching! Nature not your style? Tamara can simulate a camping trip right inside your home! Whether it is holistic hiking, camping, nature walks, garden tours, grocery store tours farmers markets, movies or one of her amazing workshops there is something for everyone.


Pricing depends on the adventure!

Contact Tamara on the link below to schedule or check out upcoming events on the calendar tab!



Nutrition Coaching

Call for pricing - everyone's needs are unique, like you :)

Experience and benefit from Tamara's experience and own personal struggles with food as she helps to bring back her clients guilt free love of food and life.  Empower your self worth and optimal health! From her own life experience and becoming an expert on what not to do, Tamara Lucero took her love of food an combined with Life Coaching, Nutrition Coaching, Hypnotherapy and various on site adventures! 1 hour weekly sessions plus individualized action plan.

Food Demonstrations

Wellness investment: 2 hour session $100

Depending on if you you are looking for new ideas for dinner or for special days such as camping, hiking or parties Tamara loves to help her clients learn new ideas while sharing nutritional information and a lot of laughs!! Interested in Raw cuisine? Gluten Free? No sugar or flour? Low Carb? Vegetarian? Vegan? Tamara is trained to offer demonstrations to fit your needs!



Naturally Perfect

Naturally Perfect


Tamara has a wonderful confidence and beautiful voice to relax with. We had similar issues and it felt like she could fully relate to what I deal with for weight release.

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