After surviving a life of addiction and abuse for over 40 years and refusing to play the victim role I became an expert in what not to do. I turned the tables and allowed my light to shine using a combination of my experience and education to help others as a Mind Body Wellness Practitioner specializing in Life Coaching and Hypnotherapy.

My passion is offering women what I have needed my my journey.



Life Coaching
Clocked Hours: 200+

Clocked Hours: 100+

Nutrition Coaching
Clocked Hours: 100+

Customer Service
5 years

Non Profit Board Member
6 months

6 Years



Southwest Institute of Healing Arts

Diploma: Mind Body Wellness Practitioner

School of Life

Domestic Violence - Survived 10 years

Drug and Alcohol Abuse - Survived 25 years

Sober and Cigarette Free - Since 2013


Volunteer Experience

Mentor to numerous women
2013 - Current

Other Side Ministries
Madam Secretary - Current



Nature Loving

Adventure Driven

Connection Building

Active Listener


Funny (well I think I am) :)