'Suddenly A Sunbeam...

Thrilled Me Too My Weary Heart, It Was The Pettiest Thing…I’d Ever Seen”

Well, you can take the girl our of Seattle but you cant take Seattle out of the girl!

Being partial to all of the amazing Seattle bands Alice In Chains, Soundgarden, Mother Love Bone, Pearl Jam, Nirvana, Queensrych, Jimmy Hendrix, Green Apple Quickstep & Madseason….Heart is by far my alllllll time favorite!

The first memory of my mom is of her in the 70’s ,as I was kicking it in my walker, she danced and sang along to Love Alive.

That one stuck with me and to this day is my all time favorite!Ever Since I Was A Baby Girl, Wanted One Thing Most In This World, Was To Keep My Love, Keep My Love Alive’ This lyric sums up my life.

I made a commitment to myself to write a Blog every month, and being towards the last part of the month this is whats on my mind today. Take what you will from it.

I am a survivor and I though all of the ups and downs…my love is still alive.