Stop and smell the flowers

We are halfway through the year! Happy June Everyone! 

Being that we are halfway though the year this is a great time to check in with yourself. Like many people, I start each year with an idea of what I want next year to look like. We all have ideas about our career, relationships, family, friends, work, health, vacation, happiness, spiritual growth, education, the list goes on and on. This idea is just that, an idea in our head until we put it out into the universe.

Putting it out to GUS (God Universe Spirit) is so important! What works for me is simple. I tell people about it. I talk about it. I create vision boards. I make calls. I send emails. I research.I rest. I relax. I get out of my head. I pray. I visualize. I visualize a lot to determine what I consider to be a success, otherwise how will I  know when I have achieved it?

Which brings me back to the halfway point!!

Honor the month of June and take time to acknowledge this halfway point in the year. Stay in gratitude for your efforts and contributions so far, not only to your dreams and passions but to helping others. To me this satisfies my idea of success. I am human so I can be hard on myself feeling like I am not doing enough, or my plans are not manifesting as quickly as I would like them to but I don’t sit in that feeling or state of mind for long, for me that is dangerous. Keep moving forward. Do something everyday. Something simple everyday compounds to your success. 

What do you want your next year, or even your next month or day to look like?

I am blessed to be a Life Coach to help others define and move forward to their success, whatever that looks like to them. If you feel drawn to learn more about how I can help you call or email and I am happy to talk!

XOXO! Tamara ‘The Brave’ Lucero