Keep Moving Forward

My life is amazing, but it wasn't always like this!!!!

About 5 years ago life was really really dark. I had battled a drug addiction for over 25 years, I had experienced abuse and domestic violence for 10 years, I smoked a pack of cigarettes a day and at one point I lived in a campground.

Today I wake up so blessed and grateful! I am in recovery and have been drug, alcohol and cigarettes\ free for 5 years! That is a miracle! When I was 1 year sober I was over the moon with gratitude. I had a family that had never gave up on me and a life I could have never imagined. I was still driving their cars, living in their house, did not like the job I had ect. So I was sober and that was beyond amazing......but I did not know how to be an adult. I knew I wanted to rent my own place, buy a car, go back to school (but I didn't know for what) and wanted a new career, but couldn't figure out what steps I needed to take, and in the best order, to make my dreams a reality.

I friend of mine introduced me to a woman he said he thought could help, and help she did. For the next year we talked on the phone every week and she helped me clear more of the past to make space for my future, helped me realize my dreams and held me accountable to baby steps. She picked up where my recovery left off. I could not have done it without both.

Today I have had a job I love, I pay my own rent, pay my own bills, bought a new car, have traveled to Spain, Italy, Greece, France, Turkey, Mexico and adventures all around the country, I met a man that is as amazing as I am, my family is such a blessing and I owe this to my recovery and my amazing life coach.

Years later after working with my coach it hit me like a lightening bolt and in 2017 I graduated from the Southwest Institute of Healing Arts as a Mind Body Wellness Practitioner specializing in Life Coaching, Hypnotherapy and Nutrition Coaching! Today I am honored to help women like me that were in a place in their life that they wanted to keep moving forward.

My name is Tamara Lucero and I AM a Life Coach.