I am in the business of life

What am I passionate about? Well, I love food. :)

But food and nutrition are just a pieces of a bigger puzzle. I am in the business of life! I AM A LIFE COACH! Over the phone, video chat or in person this is, at my core, what I am and what I love to do!

When I was 1 year sober I had never been happier or proud of myself! But I was living with my wonderful parents, still driving their cars and working at a job that I was not a big fan of.  I knew this was not my long term plan! I wanted to go back to school, get my own place to live, have a job I loved to do everyday and find true love. 

But I didn't know where to start! Do I get a new job then go back to school? Should I get a new job and get my own place then go back to school? What do I want to go to school for? Should I keep my job get a place to live? Dating..where do I start???

A friend of mine said that he knew a lady that he thought could help, and help she did! I got a life coach and she helped me funnel down to the root of what I really wanted. I was able to create my own goals and she helped me take baby steps to reach them. Never in a million years did I think I would be a Certified Life Coach.

Years later I went back to school at the age of 42 to get my Diploma as a Mind, Body, Wellness Practitioner!  Throughout my education I learned a lot of skills and again I was back to feeling as if I was pulled in many different directions.  Do I specialize in nutrition? Do I offer adventure packages? Do I life coach? Again, so many questions! And the answer to all of them is yes.

Yesterday someone asked me "What are you doing since school?" I replied with 100% confidence "I am a life coach". I can use all of my modalaties to help my clients obtain their goals. 

That is what makes me... A LIFE COACH! 

Life is goooooood!   xoxo ~ Tamara