That's okay

Before I hit the sheets tonight I felt the need to write a new entry...but I couldnt figure out what I wanted to write about. Everything is good in my life: job, relationship, family, health, safety. 

But I am human.

Am I doing enough? Am I working hard enough? Am I learning enough? Am I teaching enough? Am I trying enough? 

Then I thought about something that my Grandma Anna always used to say "That's okay"

I know that I am enough...and thats okay.  I know that I am human...and thats okay. I know that I work hard...and thats okay. I know that sometimes I doubt myself...and thats okay. 

I have stuggled big time in my life...and thats okay. I have a beautiful life today...and thats okay.

Sometimes we all need to breathe and remember that this is life.....and thats okay.  Good night everyone