If cauliflower can be pizza....

Imagine what you can be!

Growing up we were asked often about what we wanted to be, or what we wanted our life to look like, when we grew up. Ha! Well the joke is on them, it took 40 years for me to start growing up! The good news is that, even at 44, I can still be anything I want.

Could I still be a ballerina? Well maybe in some over-weight middle aged gong show, but honestly that isn’t what I want to be anymore (and the world takes a collective sigh of relief)

My dreams are now to get married, develop into a successful business helping women all around the country, pay off credit cards and student loans, buy a Subaru, purchase some land in the mountains and live in a yurt. This is really what I want!! And it is so possible!!

If a cauliflower can be a pizza imagine what you can be!

Do you know? What does life look like 6 months from now? 1yr? 3yr? 10yr. I can help you get there! Schedule a coaching session now. :)