Not Just a Name!

Picture it, Mesa Arizona, 2016

Making my way to my first day of class I stopped at the local gas station to fill my car with gas. As the fuel pumped and filled my tank I began to daydream of what my first day of class would be like. I stared off into the clouds then suddenly heard the sound of water running, as I looked down I saw that the gas pump had malfunctioned and was spraying gas out of the tank and had soaked me from bra to socks. No bueno!

Everything went into slow motion.

Without time to go home to change my clothes or complain to the gas station about what had just happened I jumped into my car and sped off to Walmart. As I ran, literally, through the store wreaking of gasoline and with very little time to spare, I grabbed a T-Shirt and a pair of shoes. I ran to the bathroom and changed clothes in the Walmart bathroom, I do not suggest doing this, and realized that the shirt was far too small and read Batman across the chest along with a pair of shoes that were at least a size too big. It is what it is... and I raced to my first day of nutrition class, SOUL food (Seasonal Organic Unprocessed and Local), with instructor Melanie Albert. I made it to class with time to spare.

I walked into class and saw a beautiful table topped with lots of veggies, fruits and other foods, most of which I could not identify.  At one point I asked Melanie what one of the vegetables were, she smiled and said "it is a beet" :) Good to know, I thought maybe it was a Chakra! Melanie then passed around what looked like a lemon but when she cut it open it is really a cucumber.  As she passed it around the class looked at it closely, smelling it, and when it got to me...Mmmmmm Super Unleaded. Yes, I still smelled of gasoline! A lot!

We prepared a lot of food in that class. I was so proud, then we enjoyed a meal together at the end. It was healthy, tasty and amazing!

I went home and ate two hotdogs.

Moral of the story, this is a process! This is My Holistic Adventure! I was raised on processed food - I love Macaroni & Cheese, hotdogs, hamburgers ect. But I was tired of one diet after another that in the end left me feeling defeated and unhealthy. I still struggle, but I have learned acceptance and patience on this adventure. Sometimes it is easy to make a healthy choice, and sometimes it is not, but I now have a much better understand of the difference between the two and I make more healthier choices that I used to. It is never too late and you don't have to be perfect. This is a process and how my business began - MY HOLISTIC ADVENTURES!